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Across search and display, help shoppers discover your brand, re-engage people with an interest in your products, reach more potential customers and optimise creative for different personas.

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Amazon search is now highly competitive and essential for brands selling on Amazon


of online generic product searches start on Amazon


of shoppers who start their purchase journey on Amazon make their final purchase with Amazon


More conversions for Amazon's sponsored ads compared to Google Shopping Ads

The opportunity is enormous, make the most of it with Nozzle

Run all your Amazon search and display campaigns through Nozzle to unlock new use cases. Amazon expects to grow brand dollar spend on DSP by 50% year on year. Nozzle sets you up to be months ahead of your competition.

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Help shoppers discover your brand on Amazon


Re-engage shoppers who researched your brand

Reach more potential customers likely to buy your products

Optimise creative and messaging for different personas (including bundles)

Elevate your Amazon ads

Increase ROAS and total Amazon sales

Achieve your goals with algorithms custom-built for you and continuously updated in real-time. Access daily insights on your customers’ behaviour.

Reduce time spent on campaigns

Run all your advertising through one easy-to-use product that speeds up every part of the process. Spend less time setting up and running Amazon ads.

Sliding scale of automation

Optimise way beyond using rules. You can choose to automate fully, partly or not at all, with transparency as to why we’ve made recommendations.

Nozzle's Technology

Keyword optimisation:

Change keywords & targeting

Expanded synonym and phrase lookups to find undervalued keywords

Bid management:

Adjust bid prices

Re-balance budgets across keywords

Machine Learning Techniques

Keyword optimisation:

These techniques are used as the tasks need a high degree of accuracy to successfully balance the keywords across high win rates, low costs and sufficient search volumes.

Natural language processing

Information retrieval

Word embedding

Convolutional neural networks

Bid management:

We use this technique as we need to make continuous tweaks to ad campaigns to achieve the best performance. The volatility of the marketplace and competition from other sellers requires frequent updates and active exploration for better opportunities.

Reinforcement learning (same techniques as AlphaGo)

Why use Nozzle vs Amazon?


Seller Central

Sliding scale of autonomy so you can control how involved you are in campaigns, with transparency in why we’ve made recommendations

Algorithms are custom-built using your data to achieve your goals and continuously updated in real time (Amazon algorithm is one-size-fits all)

Simple, intuitive UX so it’s easier and quicker for you to find the information about campaigns, surfaced by our AI engine

Superior reporting dashboards for daily insights on your customers’ behaviour. Easy to customise and share with your team and customers

Holds data indefinitely to help with forecasting and seasonal analysis

Ability to set hourly budgets depending when conversions are occuring (dayparting)

Nozzle drives instant results for agencies

17% increase in ad sales

in one month

When ASM Fitness (an Amazon seller) used Nozzle, their sales increased by 17% and ACoS was reduced by 22%, in just one month.

37% drop in ACoS

in a single month

When a men’s grooming retailer used Nozzle, in under one month, their ACoS saw a 37% drop from the previous month, to just 28%.

As an agency helping brands optimize their spend on Amazon, we are constantly evaluating third party technology to deliver the best performance for our clients. Given MediaGamma's background in programmatic and unique ability to apply machine learning, we feel MediaGamma is in a strong position to lead the category as it executes on its roadmap and brands continue to shift budgets away from Google and Facebook to Amazon.

Mark Power, CEO Podean


Here’s our 5 steps to Amazon ad success

Sign up to use Nozzle

Onboarding call with our specialists to establish your business goals

Provide us with API access to your Amazon Seller Central or AMS account

We audit your account and work with you to establish an ad strategy, spend and ACoS goals etc etc...

Execute the plan and start seeing results!

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