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Understand your customer personas to drive success

Most brand decisions should stem from a deep understanding of their customers; how their preferences change over time and how their behaviour evolves with their preferences.

Nozzle presents these personas across product categories allowing stakeholders to take immediate actions to better engage with different personas, driving efficient marketing spend, increased sales and margins.

Repeat Purchase Analysis

Quantify your customer lifetime value (CLV)

Identify which products lead to higher value product sales in the future

Adjust marketing spend to higher CLV products

Sales Analysis

Quantify the relationship between marketing spend and sales (ad and organic)

Easily reveal what time of day / day of week / day of month products are bought to align with marketing spend across all channels

Market Basket Analysis

Identify which products customers are comparing your products to and what they ultimately buy

Easily identify bundling opportunities

Geo-Hotspot Analysis

Find high performing cities/regions and replicate successful marketing tactics. Identify constant under-performers to adjust your strategy.

Assess impact on Amazon activity from non-Amazon marketing channels

Unparalleled access to insights

Break out of the black box

Despite Amazon’s dominance in online retail, it’s known for its “black box” approach to insights and data, making it very difficult to compare it to your other channels.

Unlock data transparency

With Nozzle, access insights normally reserved for owned channels to make strategic decisions about product development, marketing spend and how Amazon interacts with your other channels.

Utilise AI and Amazon expertise

Purpose-built using deep Amazon domain expertise in day-to-day and strategic decision-making, and combining it with market-leading machine learning.

Leverage customer data to inform strategy

Better understand behavior

The purchase funnel is a journey, leverage Nozzle to better understand your customer shopping behavior on Amazon.

Drive change across platforms

Use Nozzle's insights to easily identify opportunities for improving and tailoring your marketing strategies, both on and off Amazon.

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