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The closed reporting & insights Beta for private label sellers

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Search is now competitive

Amazon’s shopping marketplace has increasingly become a pay-to-play environment

"with the best placement going to paid advertisers as opposed to those offering the lowest prices".*

The rise of ranking optimisation and advertising on marketplaces is demanding a completely new set of tools and skills.

*BNN Bloomberg

And that's why Nozzle exists

We know what it’s like to use multiple unrelated tools to do keyword research, copying and pasting into spreadsheets (bonus marks for pivot tables). We know the tediousness of sifting through reports with thousands of rows trying to identify new keywords.

We’ve experienced the guesswork that’s involved in increasing a bid price to try win impressions.

That’s why we’ve used these shared painful experiences and combined them with our world class AI expertise to create a product we think you’ll love.

We’re not just automating for automation’s sake and we’re not just throwing around the term “AI” just to impress you (although we’re super proud of our team’s contributions).

We’ve used these technologies in a very deliberate and thoughtful way, always trying to make your life easier whilst understanding your need for transparency and insights to help you and your clients win on Amazon.

We are Nozzle and we think you’ll love what we have to offer.

We're launching our Beta Reporting and Insights Tool as our first product and we have big plans to re-imagine how you run your Amazon business by helping you smartly run all your ad campaigns, from initial keyword research to campaign setup to continued optimisation.

The Nozzle Vision - Elevate your amazon ads

Increase ROAS and total Amazon sales

Achieve your goals with algorithms custom-built for you and continuously updated in real-time. Access daily insights on your customers’ behaviour.

Reduce time spent on campaigns

Run all your advertising through one easy-to-use product that speeds up every part of the process. Spend less time setting up and running Amazon ads.

Sliding scale of automation

Optimise way beyond using rules. You can choose to automate fully, partly or not at all, with transparency as to why we’ve made recommendations.

Why use Nozzle vs Amazon?


Seller Central

Simple, intuitive UX so it’s easier and quicker for you to find the information about campaigns, surfaced by our AI engine

Ability to set hourly budgets depending when conversions are occuring (dayparting)

Holds data indefinitely to help with forecasting and seasonal analysis

Direct visibility of our roadmap and the ability to influence it by voting on features and submitting requests.

Nozzle drives instant results for sellers

17% increase in ad sales

in one month

When ASM Fitness (an Amazon seller) used Nozzle, their sales increased by 17% and ACoS was reduced by 22%, in just one month.

37% drop in ACoS

in a single month

When a men’s grooming retailer used Nozzle, in under one month, their ACoS saw a 37% drop from the previous month, to just 28%.

Not only did my return on investment increase significantly, but I saved a bunch of time and learnt best practices in the process. I highly recommend Nozzle!

Mohamed Jajbha, AMS Fitness

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