Here are some of our client pain points, answered for you.

Frequently asked questions.


Who is Nozzle?

Nozzle is a London-based tech company comprised of Amazon and AI experts. We provide purpose built software products for Amazon sellers and agencies to help them achieve and grow their Amazon goals.

What geographies do you cover?

We cover all North America countries (USA, Canada and Mexico), all European countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) as well as Japan.

Does it work for both Seller Central and Vendor Central?


Does this work for agencies and brands?

Yes. We have special packages available to agencies. Please reach out to us here.

How do I implement the results?

The report gives guidance on what specific action should be taken but it's up to the user to implement the guidance wherever the campaign is managed (Seller Central/AMS/3rd party tool).

However watch this space for an update that will take care of the implementation too… If you're only interested when the automatic implementation is live, sign-up
here and you'll be notified!

A word of warning though: when implementing we recommend turning off bid multipliers. This will supercede your bids and can cause you to lose control of your bidding strategy. In general, we don't recommend using bid multipliers, especially when migrating terms to Exact match. You can find these multipliers under "targeting" for auto campaigns or "placements" for manual campaigns.

How should I use the audit tool?

The main use for the audit tool is to give a comprehensive overview of the campaigns or an account and to identify the immediate opportunities to achieve your goals. This means that the person responsible for managing the campaigns will have immediate actions they can take.

It is not meant to be used as a once-off exercise after which you can "set and forget" about the active monitoring and management of the campaigns. We strongly advise users revisit both their wider campaign goals and strategy as well as updating the audit itself to capture new opportunities.

How often should I be conducting an audit?

It's difficult to give broad guidance as each customer's needs are different. However there are typically two factors to consider:

  • Clicks: On a campaign level, one has to allow for enough impressions and clicks in order to make a statistically significant assessment. This of course is highly dependent on the daily budget of a campaign.
  • Ad sales attribution window: we would not recommend making changes until the full attribution window has accounted for all possible sales (7 days for Seller Central and 14 days for Vendor Central).
Based on these 2 factors, we would recommend an audit every 2 - 4 weeks.

What counts as a free audit?

A single marketplace for a single account (eg. Company ABC for the UK). The following scenarios are not allowed on the free audit plans within a single audit:

  • Company ABC for the UK and DE
  • Company ABC and Company XYZ for the UK
As the free audit plan allows one free audit per 30 days, one would have to:
  • First run an audit for Company ABC for the UK and one for Company ABC for DE 30 days later for the first case
  • First run an audit for Company ABC for the UK and then 30 days later run an audit for Company XYZ for the UK for the second case.

What's in the free audit?

We focus on a number of things including (but not limited to):

  • Wasted Spend: Where you are wasting money by spending on search terms with little/no conversions. We highlight the top 5 culprits for each match type (auto, broad, phrase, exact and product ads) along with recommendations on actions to take.
  • Missed Revenue: We identify where your converting search terms are sub-optimally set up by not having them under the "Exact" match type. We highlight the top 5 candidates for each match type (auto, broad, phrase, exact and product ads). Here's why we think having them under exact is so important.
  • Budget Efficiency: We show you how often you're spending your allocated daily budget - potentially missing out on ad sales!
  • Duplicate Search Terms: Highlighting where there are duplicate search terms across match types resulting in multiple CPC and ACoS' for example. Here's why this is sub-optimal.

We recommend watching this video where we go through a template free report so you'll understand exactly what you're getting in your free report.

What's the difference in the actual report between the free and paid versions?

The free report is an excellent way to get an idea of how your campaigns are generally performing as it focuses on your account for a particular marketplace as a whole. However, this can mean, for instance, that one or two campaigns out of a total of 30 can dominate the top 3 search terms in our report

The paid versions allow a user to select specific brands and / or campaigns to analyse as well as analysing branded vs non-branded search terms. The paid versions will contain a longer list than 3 search terms that appear per match type in the free version (50 for Pro and unlimited for Enterprise).

Why does the free report only cover 60 days?

We only have access to the last 60 days of data as this is the maximum allowed by Amazon's API. If this changes, we'd gladly audit over a longer period!
If you're a paid subscriber, we can keep your data from the moment you sign up as a paid subscriber. This allows us the ability to offer a user to customise the date range of the report.

Can I cancel immediately if I'm on the paid version?

If you're on a paid plan, just email us to cancel. You'll receive an email from us confirming your cancellation.

Who do you share my data with?

We don't share your data with anybody.

What data do you need and how do you access it?

We access your data only with your permission. It's done by the user granting us API access. This allows us to access your Seller Central / AMS data in an automated way so we can compile the audit report. The data we use is by and large what you'd see when you log in to Seller Central / AMS.

How long do you keep my data for?

By default, Nozzle keeps all historical reports in the Nozzle platform for easy access. However, a user has the option to delete a specific report. On the paid versions, we keep your ad campaign data for rolling 90 days on the Pro version and indefinitely on the Enterprise version.

If a user cancels an account with Nozzle, we delete all data associated with that account.

Are you compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service?

Yes, absolutely! We are a member of the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN).

Can I see your T&Cs and Privacy Policy?

Of course, see our T&Cs here and our Privacy Policy here.