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    Amazon Prime Day


    Amazon Prime Day: Is it worth it for Sellers?

    This article outlines how sellers can make the most of Prime Day, and what pitfalls they need to watch out for to ensure success.


    5 Tips for Amazon FBA Aggregators in 2021

    More FBA Aggregators means more competition, so you have to evolve to stay on top. This article provides 5 Tips for Amazon FBA Aggregators working in 2021.

    Break-Even ACoS


    Turning Break-Even ACoS into a Competitive Advantage - Nozzle Insights

    Using break-even ACoS is key to standing out, building brand awareness, and converting customers on Amazon. Learn how to use it to your advantage here.

    CLV featured image


    3 Ways to Increase Amazon Customer Lifetime Value

    To increase profit on Amazon you need to retain customers and grow your customer base. Increasing your CLV is a great way to do this; learn how to here.

    Cabinet Case Study


    How To Expand Your Brand

    Cabinet partnered with Nozzle initially to understand CLV and take their business up a level. Discover how their Amazon performance evolved with us, here.

    Amazon PPC Audit


    How to Conduct an Amazon PPC Audit - Nozzle Insights

    This article explores the best practices for an Amazon audit to ensure your PPC campaigns are optimized, and aligned with the goals of your business.

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