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    Image of vitamin supplements for a case study


    How to Build a Brand in a Noisy Growth Market - Nozzle Insights

    This case study covers how Nozzle helped this supplement company to increase their sales and gain more repeat customers, in order to build their brand.

    Front cover of a book about amazon warehouse terminology


    Amazon Warehouse Terminology | Glossary - Nozzle insights

    Amazon's list of terms and abbreviations can confuse even the most seasoned Amazon seller. Use our blog as a guide to all Amazon warehouse terminology.

    Set a target ACoS on Amazon


    How to Set a Target ACoS on Amazon | Nozzle

    PPC advertising is critical on Amazon, and you want to be able to gauge success. Our article covers how ACoS can act as a benchmark for measuring success.


    Amazon PPC RoAS Audit Best Practices | Nozzle

    Using audits that appreciate ‘Return on Ad Spend’ (RoAS) as a metric is key to measuring success. Discover the best Amazon PPC and RoAS audit practices.


    Do not fear the Amazon Sesh-ocalypse! | Nozzle

    Amazon Sessions are falling and it is true that compared to last year’s Covid-based buying bonanza, sessions are down but that’s not the full story...

    Amazon FBA Aggregators


    What Amazon FBA Aggregators Mean for Independent Sellers. | Nozzle

    This post covers the options for independent sellers faced with the emergence of Amazon FBA Aggregators, and the challenges and opportunities they face.

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