Take your Amazon business to the next level.

Amazon offers a huge opportunity to grow your business. But, let’s be honest it's not the easiest platform to use. Amazon presents useful information in unhelpful ways and you’re left asking yourself ‘what action should I take?’ Nozzle surfaces the data to help you make the most impactful decisions and answer the key questions:

  • Do people who buy on lightning deals first result in a higher customer lifetime value?
  • Who are my competitors on Amazon and why am I losing out?
  • What is a good target ACoS?
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Why Nozzle?

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer.

Nozzle fuses all these data sets to develop deep retail analytics and optimize your sales and advertising. It automates and maximizes advertising across the Amazon tech stack, simplifying the entire selling experience and saving you time so you can focus on running your business.

The Amazon platform for sellers


Identify wasted ad spend and missed revenue opportunities in minutes, with our FREE PPC audit tool


80% time savings with AI-based automation


Continually optimize activity towards product sales or ad metrics (ACoS/RoAS)


Deep retail analytics dating back to a minimum of two years


Transparent decision making


Sophisticated reporting, beyond standard Amazon dashboards

Nozzle drives instant results.


In our short time working together, Nozzle has increased our total revenue by 18% whilst slashing our ACoS. I know I’m in safe hands and I can now shift my focus on to other aspects of my business.

Saul Kropman,


Best of the Bone

Nozzle's audit tool clearly breaks down both missed revenue opportunities and wasted spend for my products. The recommended actions to take in order to expand my reach beyond just branded terms were spot on.

Daniel Szor,


Costwold Distillery

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Support at every step.

Whether you want a fully managed service or have the in-house capability to work with Nozzle’s self-serve platform, we support you at every step. We have a dedicated customer team that onboard, train, offer ongoing tailored strategic advice and future-test through our beta programme.

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